Expert Excavation & Associated Services

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Mini excavation and related services (VIC)

At Dingo Dan, we specialise in various excavation works and we can carry out the following tasks :

  • Site levelling for sheds & watertanks
  • Trenching for plumbing & electrical works
  • Dig footings for foundations
  • Stump holes for fencing, pergolas, extensions, decking and tree plantings
  • Move/relocate rocks to clear sites
  • Concrete removal for demolition and renovation
  • Stump grinding and removal to clear the ground
  • Post hole digging – effective and precise hole digging for a number of applications
  • Earthworks – prepare the soil for gardening, landscaping and other projects
  • Rubbish removal – get rid of rubbish regularly to keep work sites clean

We are also a Limited Access Specialist (only 970mm Wide), and we are able to work in confined and difficult to access areas.

Moreover, we offer Underground Service Locating to detect gas pipes, electricity cables and other utility lines underground so there are no surprises later. We use safe and reliable methods on all our jobs offering the perfect solutions that you can trust.

Feel free to contact us for more details, we will be glad to assist you.